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  1. Thank you

    Tommy - thank you very much for your help - unfortunately I pulled the plug on getting a sign up routine last night - and have installed a secure page set up from 1and1 which does not allow me to see...
  2. keep getting error 201 - cannot send email from secure site signup page. imap smtp server requires TLS enabled on port 587
    - the Fusion 2015 profile setup page asks if SSL is required (which surely refers to the incoming server not the outgoing smtp)
    - I...
  3. Well - it now seems to be working - I reset the...

    Well - it now seems to be working - I reset the navigation bar and republished - it now works - so why didn't it before?
  4. Flash navigation doesn't work on home page in Firefox but does in IE & Chrome

    site is The Flash navigation bar works for all the other pages - why not on the homepage and only with Firefox
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