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    I cannot unlock objects in a table

    When i roll my cursor over the thumbnail image in my table, a little ''lock'' icon appears.

    i cannot delete it. I right click, i checked all my settings, there is nothing i can see that would lock...
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    Hi Kitty! I did upgrade to v. 13 and liked it but...

    Hi Kitty! I did upgrade to v. 13 and liked it but only use it once in awhile. I've gone with MACAW for responsive web design. I love your new site with wordpress, but I'm having difficulty making a...
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    Mobi Website Problems

    First Issue: is the mobile website and my customer says they cannot see it on their cellphone (a Blackberry) I have the link on their main website:...
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    No Remote Publish Access

    This is too weird for words. I simply have no access to the Remote Publish window. I am attaching a printscreen. I have checked other sites I have done with NOF12 and the remote window will not show...
  5. NOF 12 drop down menu -- like on the NOF website

    I have never used the NOF site menus. I use to use Coolmaps Dynamic Menus because they could drop down and also be popups. Then I started use Linkno All Web Menus, but I can't get them to work on NOF...
  6. I had the same problem...

    I had this very same problem for the longest time with this website
    I don't know what I did to fix it because I did so many things.
    I checked my assets
    I did a save as
  7. Damaged objects have been found in the Layout and have been deleted

    What the heck is that all about?

    My header and footer were totally deleted, plus the actual layout switched from zero margins to default border.... and my custom site style was deleted.

    What I...
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    Having read a ton more stuff on the internet and...

    Having read a ton more stuff on the internet and this php solution, I decided to scratch my own head some more and tried out something which turned out to work....
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    John I found something you wrote to Chris and I...

    John I found something you wrote to Chris and I have copied below my message, but I am leary of it because I don't know PHP at all.

    Changing the publish method to .php sounds totally scary to me...
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    I hadn't looked in Firefox, just Chrome and...

    I hadn't looked in Firefox, just Chrome and Explorer.

    Most of my customers still use Explorer.

    Wheres the link to the php -- I don't care what I use as long as its browser compatible, and, I...
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    Inline Frames acting strangely

    I'm testing this website on and the inline frames are going cuckoo.

    I'm testing on Explore, Chrome, and Firefox and each browser is acting...
  12. The best thing about tech support is seeing how ''blonde'' I am....

    Okay, I just checked all the redirect code I put on the main website, while I was checking the ShareThis offset positioning problem, and noticed that ''yours truly'' typed the redirect as...
  13. That script you are talking about is the Share This script

    That script you quoted is the Share This script my customer has given me and it's not working right.

    This script is only on the main website,

    The domain is a...
  14. Chuck you see it on Safari - iPhone 4?

    The main website is and the mobi subdomain is

    You say you see it as a .com and that really worries me.

    The mobi should be with...
  15. NOF template mobi site not seen on iPhone

    Well I used the NOF mobi3 template and got all those details down pat for my first mobi website.

    You can see the site at if you are on a laptop or desktop...
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    Okay, I have finally finished this little mobi...

    Okay, I have finally finished this little mobi and it looks great. I have inline frame scrolling and little ''next'' pages and I am tickled pink about the accordion buttons. Pretty doggone amazing!
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    I bought a .mobi in the way back when because...

    I bought a .mobi in the way back when because what I read at that time said there would be Mobi directories and a kind of separate marketing, but that really never panned out. I agree with everyone...
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    Its terrible. I'm so blond I answer my own...

    Its terrible. I'm so blond I answer my own trouble tickets. Okay, I opened your MikeMobi3 template for the umpteenth time, suddenly realizing what in the world are my buttons going ''next'' to and I...
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    My First Mobi-What a Catastrophe-Help

    Hello Mike, Chuck, and Everyone! There's a blonde loose on my computer. Please don't fall over laughing. I made a mobi from the smartphone template using Mike's wonderful Mobi 3 as reference.
  20. Thank you Mike -- I would have never found the...

    Thank you Mike -- I would have never found the exact spot, although I realized the theory, that and $3.00 will buy a cup of coffee (or was it 45-cents?) anyway, I have another question:
  21. I'm adding the template version of this trouble

    My customer is getting antsy and I'm just withered from trying to figure out why I keep getting these double heads on my MLR -- Help, please :p
  22. I read the tutorials but I cannot change the graphic for my MultiLayout Region

    I have gone into the style - changed CSS - and I get the same results: double graphic heads for my multi layouts.

  23. Dush, the program is so new, I didn't realize the tutorials "Changing Heads on MLR"

    I opened my NOF 12 today to see if I had a reply to this problem, and noticed the tutorials!


    I think I found the answer to my problem!
  24. Bah, Humbug - Double Headers on My Mobi Site

    I took my NOF sample mobi website and did a ''save as'' for my mobi website. Then I copied the existing site style and changed the AccordionTabClosed.png and AccordianTabOpen.png with my own...
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    any versions in English language?

    any versions in English language?
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