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  1. The Pros and Cons of Using Java in Your Business

    When compared to the other programming languages that are still in use, Java has consistently been able to maintain the highest position on the TIOBE record. Java's status as the most widely spoken...
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    What does ethical hacking entail?

    Hacking that is ethical involves an authorized effort to gain an unauthorised access to an application, computer system or even information. Conducting an ethical hack requires duplicate tactics and...
  3. What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and how does it work?

    AWS is the abbreviation as Amazon Web Services. It is a fully secure, and rapidly developing cloud computing platform that is provided by Amazon. It is a blend of infrastructure as an service (Iaas)...
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    Software testing is used to verify that software...

    Software testing is used to verify that software products meet customer expectations. Defect free. This refers to the execution of software / system parts using manual or automatic tools to evaluate...
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