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    No Fusion 12 Trial. How can I get around?

    I already own Fusion 12 and have used and owned Fusion since version 4 and there has ALWAYS been a free trial and for $200 I would think there would still be one versus that watered down essentials...
  2. I Tried That

    I remember that being an old flaw with Netobjects so I tried that with the same results. Any other suggestions? I like the underline for most of the website, but for the footer I dont want the...
  3. Text Link Formatting Issues. Problem Only Exists in Version 12 That I See.

    I upgraded from Version 10 to Version 12. I have been using Netobjects Fusion since version 4. I did a clean install (brand new PC) of version 12. Here is my problem. I setup a style for my...
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