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    Installer Fusion 2015 missing


    don't know what happened, in my install directory I have all Fusion Keys from all previous versions I used, even several older installers, except for the 2015 version...
    No idea where that...
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    Hi, stupid situation here as well... got all...


    stupid situation here as well... got all previous keys and even previous installers, but for some reason didn't keep the 2015 version. I'm moving to new laptop and missing 2015 installer....
  3. Hi Antonsvideo, Checked every stacked page......

    Hi Antonsvideo,

    Checked every stacked page... nothing unusual, the textblock does not show up there!
  4. Text block possibly hidden in some Masterborder now spoils my photo pages...


    a strange phenomenon, that might have a simple cause, but I cannot find it.
    Photo pages were all perfectly OK.

    I changed my default background image (minor change), and added a second...
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    Tnx Chuck! I'm going to try some...

    Tnx Chuck!

    I'm going to try some...
  6. Google Translate - How to prevent parts of text to be translated?

    I'm offering users the "Google Translate" option. But of course, certain parts of texts & tables don't need to be translated. I already use <span class="notranslate">, but ... since I do not find a...
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    "Calculating" with variables in NOF

    Other than just inserting a predefined date & time variable, I need to calculate with date variables.
    Like having to display the current year minus x years...

    No clue how to achieve that. Already...
  8. Forms : writing data to CSV files does not work outsite Forms Handler

    Hey Guys,

    I've been struggling with this for some days now, and I gave up browsing for information on the forum and Google...

    What happens? When I use Forms Handler Manager and Forms Handler...
  9. data appearing on EVERY existing and new page

    I have a weird issue I never had with NOF before. No idea if it is related to latest version or a supid setting by me?

    Try to explain what happens.
    I started building a new site. It has been a...
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