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    Thanks, Mike! DUH! Kinda feel silly when the...

    Thanks, Mike!
    Kinda feel silly when the answer's so obvious.
    I'll give that component a try ... and promise to only write back if I get "stupid" and can't make it work.
    Appreciate the fast...
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    Is there a mouseover script in NOF 10???

    Hello all,
    Am working on a site for a client in NOF 10. The home page has six JPG graphic elements with type that identify and link to sub sections within the site. The client has just asked if , on...
  3. A floating object script for NOF10? Can anyone help??

    Hello, all --
    Can anyone recommend -- or does anyone have -- a good workable floating object script? My client is looking to have a link to his online store visible as people scroll down his main...
  4. nPower. Anybody using it? Anybody know how to use it?

    Hello all --
    Have developed a website in version 10 and the client wants to be able to edit page content directly. The documentation is driving me nuts. I've gone through versions manager, etc. etc....
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