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  1. RSS feed works with Firefox but not IE or Google Chrome, appears only as "loading"

    RSS feed appears as "loading" in IE and Google Chrome but works in Firefox. Any ideas? Feed should be on homepage on the right of page under Farm Bureau News. Website:
  2. Thank you in advance. When viewed with Mozilla,...

    Thank you in advance. When viewed with Mozilla, all seems fine. Here are two sites that IE typically requires compatibility icon.
  3. Must click IE Compatibility Icon to view site as it was designed with flyouts etc.

    Is NOF v9 the culprit when I create websites that when viewed with IE, the site says that "this website was created for earlier versions of IE, click compatibility icon to view correctly". It's hard...
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    Thanks, I am familiar with subdomains. However I...

    Thanks, I am familiar with subdomains. However I guess I need to find the scripts that will detect a device accessing the site and then redirect the visitor. I have not worked with NOF 12 enough...
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    Websites to Mobile Websites

    I have created hundreds of websites using NOF9. I own NOF12 as well. I am embarrassed to say I no little about mobile websites. Do I need to buy separate domains for them. If one of my...
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    collaboration with NOF9

    I own 9,10 and 11 but use mostly NOF 9. I also have nPower for NOF 10 but I am not a fan of nPower. I know NOF9 was not designed for multi users but does anyone have a way to do so? If two...
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