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  1. Thread: 2015 update#1

    by WM325

    2015 update#1

    What is in 2015 Update#1? It important to run the update, or is it ok to continue to use the full (paid for) version 2015?
  2. Thread: SSL and YouTube

    by WM325

    My work-around

    My solution was to "Local Publish" the website. Open the local page with the YouTube references with NotePad; edit the http: to https: then and save a copy. Then whenever I publish the site to the...
  3. Thread: http to htps

    by WM325

    When you say "and nothing else" is that true? I...

    When you say "and nothing else" is that true? I also use .htaccess to set 404 pages etc. Must I delete those instructions?
  4. pictures wrong place

    You are right. Wrote a whole site without checking that box. Now I want to move site to another computer and of course the pictures are blank since the source pictures are not in the same path as on...
  5. Answer found

    Ah ha! I have now learned the what FrontPage called "bookmarks" are now called "Anchors". With the information, it was not difficult to find the answer to my question.
  6. Adding a bookmark target to a specific loacation on a page

    I am rewriting and old site that was generated in the ancient FrontPage. In that software it was easy to add a "bookmark" (maybe called something else these days) to a specific location on a page. ...
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