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Thread: Reinstall Fusion11

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    Default Reinstall Fusion11

    I have just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and get an error message when I try to access Fusion11.
    This reads: "Incorrect version of FS.I.DLL. Please re-install netobjects fusion to fix this problem".

    Please can someone tell me how do I do this?
    I have my order number and license number and that's all.


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    Hi Trevor-

    Based on your comment, I assume you purchased a download. Please send me a private message (in top navigation between "New Posts" and "FAQ") with your full name, email address, order number, etc. and we'll try to locate your account.

    Thank you
    John Walker
    NetObjects Technical Support

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    I received your private message; thank you. We reset your download, emailed your credentials and provided you with your previously purchased NetObjects Fusion 9 license key. You should now have everything required to reinstall NetObjects Fusion 11.

    Thank you for choosing NetObjects.
    John Walker
    NetObjects Technical Support

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