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Thread: Mals-Free + Paypal Std + Downloads?

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    Default Mals-Free + Paypal Std + Downloads?

    Anyone using, or has set up, downloadable products using Mals Free and Paypal Standard?

    This note on Mals has me confused:
    Note: the the download system works only partially with PayPal Standard, even with their Auto-return (to the cart) system. PayPal Express checkout is the prefered (sic) option for downloads as the transaction finishes in the cart.
    So, does it work, or doesn't it? "Partially?"

    I'm currently using the NOF Catalog with Mal's Cart and Paypal Standard. Hoping someone has walked this path before, and can provide advice, encouragement, or dire warnings.

    Also considering Linklok to mask the URL, as I presume the standard process exposes the actual path to the download.

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    I'm currently setting a client up with digital download system using Cube Cart (V3 is free). The General Settings let you mask the download url, as well as limit download to how many times, plus for how long you want to make the downlaod available after purchase. So far the system is quite easy to use. (If your host has a Fantastico install, it will most likely be out of date. It's easier to just install from the latest version using their install manual.)

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