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Thread: "Page to large to be loaded..." error

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    Default "Page to large to be loaded..." error

    I don't understand what just happened but suddenly i can't open pages.

    I have a simple site, it has one Main Page with a top margin, header banner,
    some images and info blocks in the body.

    There is a simple nav menu linking to six other pages.
    Each page is still blank except for the replicated upper border that includes the banner and nav menu.

    The page bodies are still empty, although i did apply a background colour to match the main page.

    You can see the entire site as it is, here

    I haven't touched the site since yesterday when what you see was created.

    Today I decided to start adding things to one of the child pages, and when I try to open the page
    I get this error:
    "The Page is too large to be loaded? You can reduce the size of the page by using smaller font sizes (the Font sizes can be set in Style View) or you can open the page when you run Fusion on Windows NT."

    All child pages give the same error.
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling NoF but that didn't work.
    I deleted all the child pages, created one new blank one and still can't access it.

    The "Style View" operations are a total mystery to me, I'm so confused with that part of NoF
    but why has anything changed anyway?
    I was on these newly created blank pages yesterday?!
    Font sizes? there are no fonts on the pages...theres nothing on the pages?
    I haven't done anything to them since I created them.

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    One best case scenario would be if the masterborder has gotten mucked up, in which case you could just assign a new masterborder to all the pages. Try setting them to the Zero Margin masterborder and see if the pages open. If they do, just rebuild your masterborder... and delete the funky one.


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    And another thing: when I look at the URL of your pages, I wonder how many blank spaces you´ve got in your page names.

    P.S. this error doesn´t turn up very often and indicates mostly that the project is pretty much destroyed.
    Hopefully LBA´s suggestion will help you.
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    I think in the very beginning ( amonth ago?) I started the site and turned off master Border.

    Then I create a simple top border/margin space to put the banner and nav bar
    which would of course repeat on every page.

    I guess this becomes a "master border" again?

    Everything has been fine while working on the main page.
    And the child pages have been there right from the beginning and always worked fine.

    Only thing I changed recently (last couple of days) is main page body content (swapping out images, etc)
    and fixing the background tiling issue.
    I just needed to change the style to NOT "read only".

    the spaces in the page names allow me to adjust the width of the Nav bar buttons,
    and the entire Nav bar is about the same width as the top banner.
    This was the only way I could adjust it.

    I may just have to build a new site? the thinking that the file is just corrupted in some way?
    In 6 years of working with NoF and building over a dozen sites, this is the first time I have ever seen this.

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