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Thread: DB Connector fails

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    Default DB Connector fails

    I am running on Windows 7. I add the db connector and set the connection to custom. The database is hosted remotely and I am able to connect using different programs.

    I fill in the fields requested but I get a message "connection failed".

    I downloaded MySQL Workbench and confirmed my settings and that program connects fine also. It appears Fusion 11.0 will not connect.

    I turned off my firewall and same result. Any suggestions.

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    I have about the same problem. I click on Test Button and nothing. What is suppose to go in the paramerters box? Seems that there is something missing on this part of NOF-11. I also tried to Add a Text box "Name" and point mouse after the Name Label and nothing happens, tne Data Source panel does not appear as shown on page 978. Has anyone got this to work? If so please give us the details how.

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    do not cklick the "test" button - it does not work (NOF bug). You must publish your project to your sever and test it there.

    I do have a Google translate button on the bottom of each page. Maybe my tutorial will help a bit although the translation might be odd.

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