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    I have my main photo file on my desktop and want to move it to my documents
    so it's backed up. All the files/photos in my website are linked to that
    file and when I move it the links are broken and I have to go to each page
    and relink to the photo in the new location???? Any way around this?

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    The easiest way to sort this is to make a template. When you make a template of your project NOF makes a nice neat package of the whole lot, your website including your photos.This will be a .zip file. After you created a template (what you should do anyway regularly for having a decent backup) make a new site > from template and everything will be there.

    After you´ve done that, you can shift your photos to any folder you like. You shouldn´t keep folders on your desktop anyway.

    Here is gotfusion´s tut for creating a template.
    Step 2 is not really necessary.
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