Hello to all,

You all have been extremely helpful in the recent past so thought I'd bring this question up. I hope I am using the right forum. If not, please excuse me. Not trying to be rude.

I use NOF 11, Windows 7 and have administrator privilege. My question is about using the “Apply meta tags to all pages” option in the “Site” layout when I am attempting to SEO my website.

The way I understand it, if I do that, other than having a unique page title, everything else is the same on every page with respect to all meta tags. Should I use (for example) different keywords and descriptions on each page? If so, since I have already used the “Apply meta tags to all pages” option, can I go into each page in “Site” layout and individually modify (albeit slightly) the keywords and descriptions without those changes being made globally throughout my website?

I hope I am making myself clear. Any feedback you can share would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.