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Thread: NOF Template formatted for only 800x600

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    Default NOF Template formatted for only 800x600

    I purchased a web template from the NOF website and built my new website using NOF 10. The site looks good aesthetically, the problem is it seems to only be formatted for 800x600 resolution, as if it's viewed with a greater resolution it doesn't fill up the whole browser. My question is how do I use NOF to make the site compatible with multiple resolutions in browsers?

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    Most people don't expect a site to "fill their browser".

    800x600 was probably the most common resolution when that template was created.

    With a bit of effort, you should be able to increase the width to something like 960 px. That works great for a 1024x768 display if centered... and looks good on widescreens also.

    Can you make a site go full width? Sure... but it's a pain to make it look good in every possible resolution.

    Full-width works fine for a forum like this, but for a "normal" site, not so much.
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