I have a very high ranked web site build on NetObjects 9 and from day one , there has been a warning, I requested an Answer from NetObjects and was told to ask in this community for advise, I just did not have the time.The Warning always reset, Two days ago I was barred from opening the site. approx 160 pages are on the site, 65 are published .

Here is the message: C:/DOCUME~1/USER/locals~1/temp/d4dc_appcompat.txt
Error Signature
App Name > fusion.exe
Mod Ver:5.1.2600 5755 APP Ver: offset :00011689 Mod name ntdll.dll

I cannot copy the software Info, it obviously is an omission of code when the CD was cut as this was a replacement supplied by Asknet Germany ( NetObjects Dealer.)
I have serial # Info date it was shipped . The label has my name and address on the front, it is obvious to me that something happened to the Disk when copied.
Has anybody an answer, I would appreciate a response !
I have tried to reload the disk, nothing happens.