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Thread: Error message and unable to reinstall

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    Default Error message and unable to reinstall

    I've been using nof fusion 8 and 9 for years with no problems. I'm currently using fusion 9 on my laptop in XP.

    Yesterday I tried to open the program and got the following message:_

    "Could not find the resource DLL C:\Program Files\NetObjects Fusion 9\NetObjects System\enus\Resource .dll. Please reinstall Fusion to fix."

    I can't reinstall fusion 9 because I don't have the disc as I downloaded the program. Is it possible to reinstall using the files in netobjects? I guess not so how do I reinstall?

    I tried right clicking on fusion.exe and opening as administrator but got the same message.

    I was about to publish a large web site which I have been working on for a month and now I can't even access the files, any suggestions would be very welcome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John Collins View Post
    I can't reinstall fusion 9 because I don't have the disc as I downloaded the program.
    Did you make a backup of the download?

    Have you checked your archives (old backups)?

    You need a copy of the software to install it.

    I lost a copy of CCPM in the early 80s when my dog grabbed the 8" floppies and punched a hole in the disk. Ever since then I have made 2 copies of every piece of software I have purchased (at least 1 copy on removable media, floppy, CD, DVD). I have not lost a single piece of software since the the dogie incident.

    If you locate your copy of the download, even before you install, make a copy on CD and write the SN on the CD.

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