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Thread: Installing Coolmaps Components running Win 7?

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    Question Installing Coolmaps Components running Win 7?

    Does anyone have a fix for the Cool Maps Components issue with Windows 7? I have tried to install them by drag and drop from Ver. 7.5 to Ver. 11 and they don't even show up. I followed the instructions written on the Got Fusion site but it doesn't seem to work with Windows 7?? Anyone else having a problem with this? I have over 1000 pgs on my site and don't want to rebuild if I don't have to. Thanks in advance for your time.
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    I just installed Netobjects 12 with Windows 7, and Coolmaps components seem to work fine - at least the ones I tried so far (O'Clock and Protect It). First you need to install Netobjects 9, the last version of Netobjects that the install routine of Coolmaps recognize. Netobjects 9 and 12 can co-exist on the same computer. Then, click on the Coolmaps folder in the Netobjects 9 folder, hold down the ctrl key, and drag the Coolmaps folder to the same place in the Netobjects 12 (or 11 is you are using Version 11) folder. Most Coolmaps components should then work fine, at least from my experience.

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    Many of the pre-Fusion 8 Coolmaps components do not work in more recent versions of Fusion.

    Coolmaps only updated the Goldmine package up to Fusion 9. Those components do work in current version releases. Once you manage to run the installer.

    If you had the current Goldmine package installed in 9, you could copy the coolmaps folder into your components folder in 11 or 12 and you'd be set.
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    Yes. I am with Chuckj. I installed Goldmine.

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    I think Netobjects ought to just purchase Coolmaps and fully integrate it into NO. Easier said than done, I guess. But everyone seems to love Coolmaps.

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