Ive been updating a couple of sites lately and have been getting a
strange problem. Every html page I upload gets a duplicate file uploaded
with a .js extension. Ive pasted the content from one of these files.
This can actually break a website as index.php gets a index.js and the
visitors browser will try and open the .js file as .php seems to be a
lower priority than index.js for some reason.

I think the only javascript Ive got going on is google analytics, thats
what I understand a .js file to be.
What on earth can be going on here?

// Begin Actions
function F_doLoaded() {
document.main = new F_cMain();
document.objectModel = new Object();
F_OM('Layout','LayoutLYR', 'doc', '', new Array());
F_OM('' , 'LYR', 'img', 'Layout',null,'',0);


$(document).ready( function() {
// End Actions