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Thread: Edit HTML using notepad is disabled?

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    Default Edit HTML using notepad is disabled?


    I just installed Fusion Essentials on my Windows XP Home system.

    I opened a site template I'd saved from NOF 7, planning to edit a few pages. One of them contains a Java Script I need to update, but the HTML view has it in a gray shaded area that I can't change from within the program.

    The help files say I can alternatively use notepad to make changes by right clicking the External HTML icon and selecting 'edit in notepad', but it's not showing that option.

    I read somewhere that the program might not have full functionality if I wasn't running it as administrator, but I thought that only applied to Vista or Windows 7. I'm the only one who uses this computer, so I haven't set an administrative password. Right clicking on the Fusion.exe file only gives me the choice to 'run as' and not 'run as administrator'.

    Does all this mean I have to uninstall the program, set an administrative password for my computer, download the software again, and then 'run as administrator' to edit site pages in notepad?

    Alternatively, can I just make changes in notepad and 'save as' to my Essentials preview or local publish folder?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    NOF Essentials doesn't need to be run as administrator under Windows XP.

    It's normal that the HTML view is gray and doesn't allow straight changes.
    But you entered this Javascrpt in NOF7 into this page.
    You have access to this script if you go the same way you entered it before.
    Maybe with a textbox and Ctrl+T ?
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