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Thread: No Form Handler component in Essentials

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    Post No Form Handler component in Essentials

    After reading what was promised in Essentials, I used the program to build a site. Overall, I'm pleased with the ease of use and program flexibility, with one exception - forms. I added a form to the site but not all of the components are available to complete the process. I've looked and looked; read every little piece of information on the use of forms in Essentials; re-read; looked some more; but nothing seems to just flat out state the obvious: Essentials can't be used to build forms (at least, not as I've been able to find).

    Any suggestions?


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    Take a look at 123 contact.

    It is an online forms processing site. All you do is copy/paste the code generated on their site into Fusion using the insert into body explanation from this tutorial: They do everything for you. Their basic form processing is free.
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    Default Thank you

    Yes, I previously discovered the outside form-building tools may be the only option for me. Thank you very much for the reply and the inclusion of the links which were quite helpful.

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