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Thread: Button Bar Problem - Sure could use your help.

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    Default Button Bar Problem - Sure could use your help.


    I am a Windows 7 user, NOF 11.

    I'm a relatively new person to Fusion. I've created about 6 websites now, so am getting fairly proficient, but have a problem which is probably simple to fix, but killing my brain cells quickly.

    Here's the situation.

    My button bar works just fine except the "How to Order" button bar. There I get a little red "X" saying they can't find the graphics?

    When I double click that button in "page mode", it says I am pulling that button graphics from: ...\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 11.0\User Sites\RVFirePoker Website\Styles\Cooking - Orange\buttons\button1.gif and ...\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 11.0\User Sites\RVFirePoker Website\Styles\Cooking - Orange\buttons\button2.gif. Both are in my "styles" folder.

    If I look in my "assets" folder, no button images are present.

    Does anyone out there see what I am doing wrong? Need more information? As you can imagine, on this website, the "How to Order" button is the most important button. I'd sure appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

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    When you start seeing missing assets the first thing to do is clean up the project folders and do a full site generation (all pages). More info about this here:
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    Not sure if this went through first time.

    That did the trick, thanks! You all are the best! I'll keep this trick in top of mind!

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