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Thread: CPU at 99% working with catalog pages

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    Question CPU at 99% working with catalog pages

    I have been working with the E-commerce catalog component and have encountered very poor response time (CPU at 99%) whenever I try to open a page with an e-commerce component (catalog), make any change to the properties of the catalog, or simply click to select the catalog bounds so the Configure button appears in the tool palette. The CPU usage jumps to 99% even when trying to make a simple change to text on the page where the catalog is bounded (not within the catalog bounds). When publishing my site, locally or to our external server, Fusion.exe takes up to 99% of the CPU. (When publishing other pages, the CPU rises to a maximum of 18%.)

    I have reinstalled NetObjects Fusion, verified NetObjects Fusion is running in Administrator mode and followed support's suggestion to export the entire site as a template after deleting unused assests/ verifying assets, reoptimizing, creating a blank new site and inserting the template.

    It is only with the catalog pages the problem occurs. There are no performance issues working with any non-catalog pages, or with any other applications installed on the PC.

    Suggestions please.


    My system is running Vista. 3.4GHz processor. 4 GB ram. Nearly a terabyte of free space on HD

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    Just a word of caution about the e-commerce component. The more products you put in it, the slower it will get. This component has extreme limitations to it and so if you are going to be having a large catalog, I do suggest using a different design. I have used this component in previous designs and had similar issues with it. I stopped using the e-commerce function, re-designed my site using MYSQL ( where my products are) and linked to a 3rd party shopping cart. The system you are using is very similar to mine, NOF performs effortlessly (hope I didn't jink myself) without the e-commerce component. NOF is a very powerful tool, but, lacks in this area. I don't know why they even put it in there when it has such issues.


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    You can roll your own catalog if you don't have too many items (3 or 4 pages tops... more than that would be a hassle to maintain as a static store)

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    Thank-you for the suggestions. Some of my catalogs on the site have 40-some products, which is likely causing the problem. I will break them down into sub-categories to see how much of a difference it makes. I am in the process of redesigning the E-commerce portion of our site to utilize a SQL DB and PHP third party cart hosted on our server. This will buy me some time...


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