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Thread: So, what's "new"?

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    According to the 'As a valued customer of Netobjects' email that's just landed in my inbox - Version 12 contains

    Over 300 New & Improved Features

    So somebody somewhere's got a list........'d be fascinating to see it, wouldn't it ?

    It'd save all this speculation about 'what's new ?' <g>


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    Does anyone know if there have been any changes in the database driven elements of NOF XII or is it same as NOF X1 ? Is there perhaps a 30 day evaluation I could try as I have been using fusion since pre V7 days and have paid for every upgrade, incrementally. I do think it's a good product but I would hope there are enough significant changes after a two year wait to make the upgrade worthwhile.



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    No changes to the DB components that are visible. Most of the work has been under the hood.

    No trial version at this point and not aware whether one is planned or not.
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    Default Very disappointed

    French customer : 109€ = 141$ for nothing !
    Nothing in DB management, nothing in photos gallery, ...
    V12 = V11 + Home page changes after 2 years !!!

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