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Thread: new 'SiteSafe' feature

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    HI Adam

    Thanks for that - great news....


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    Quote Originally Posted by wtpooh55 View Post
    Mike, if this creates a .zip file, where does it save it? The only place I find backup files are in a Backup Manager Folder that has index.asp, index.php, index.html and .htacess files. am I missing it somewhere? I always export as a template, so it's not a problem, I was just wondering if it might do it automatically for me and from what you are saying it does. Can you explain further?
    Hi wtpooh, I see you've found the default location where Fusion saves the templates to. Just wanted to add a nice alternative and provide a little more info. By default backups are stored on your local drive, but as you create new publish profiles you can reuse those same profiles in your Backup Manager (Tools > Options > Current Site > Backups). This allows you to backup to external drives, network locations, or even to the Internet. Those extra htaccess, asp, php files are meant to help keep your templates safe if you choose a more public backup location, such as the Internet.
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    Thanks Mike,
    I appreciate you taking the time to expound on the back up templates. Makes perfect sense.

    Again, thanks,

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