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Thread: Site Samples?

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    You don't always have to use Templates, in fact since I started in NOF in 1998 I haven't any more than a few. And I've completely redesigned those sites form the ground up and they look even better than before

    They key is to get tools which complement NOF like EzRound, AllWebMenus, and extra stuff like CSS3 features such as shadows and other nice stuff ....investigate what's out there. Alot of excellent AJAX scripts to help as well!


    Quote Originally Posted by avayan View Post
    Are there any sample websites I can visit which were done with Fusion 12? I have been upgrading to all the releases religiously but my websites look so lame, I feel like I have been tossing a little bit over $100 every time.

    Some times I have gone to add some of the tools, through horrendous pain, only to find they are clumsy and only work to attract all the spammers not even the SETI can get a hold of. I would truly like to see Fusion 12's potential before spending the extra cash. If I am convinced, I will jump at it faster than the speed of light!

    Thanks for any input you may provide. Best regards,

    It's not a bug...just an undocumented feature
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    Default Site Templates

    Hi Mike,

    I would very much like to see these templates if they still exist? Have they been moved somewhere?


    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Hi avayan, loved your r2d2 site!! It goes to prove what others have said, great content can really hold a visitor's attention.

    I've included a small sampling of sites created directly form SiteStyles, Templates, or Wizard themes available in NetObjects Fusion XII: of course

    If you have a smart phone here are a couple more samples:

    NetObjects Fusion XII provides additional web design tutorials, styles, templates, and stock photos to help you create better looking websites. The community here is very helpful in offering suggestions and solutions to your web design questions. Keep building more sites and learning; your designs will grow with that knowledge.

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    TOTALLY agree nothing worse than a flashy site thats hard to nav gimme simple anyday

    Quote Originally Posted by adrian5750 View Post
    You're being way to hard on yourself (in my opinion)
    There's a tendency to confuse 'style' and 'content'
    Myself, I'd much rather read a site with great content and a simple style, rather than a 'fluffy', bleeding-edge, flash-animated site that takes ages to load, and then has no useful content.

    I frequently have to explain the difference between style & content to clients <g> -
    most of the time they are persuaded to concentrate on the content!

    Keep up the good work - and stop beating yourself up <g>

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    I built two websites using NOF that you can look at. They are:
    Ken Friedman
    Author of books about WW-II.

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