Thanks for that. I'm coming to the same conclusion.

On 01/16/2011 16:53, dove-7 wrote:
> Adrian wrote:
>> HI Ian
>> As far as I can see the mobile template in NOF12 (template - singular!)
>> is just that - it's a 320 x 415 pix template with three Multi-Layout
>> regions built in.
>> Going by the posts over on the NOF12 forums, you'd need to include your
>> own coding to switch users between the 'smartphone' and 'widescreen
>> <g>)
>> versions of your website - that service isn't included...
>> As somebody who has already switched to NOF12 - the chief improvement
>> seems to be speed. Many of the old irritations are still there, some of
>> the 'new features' and stronger on hype than functionality, and opening
>> an NOF11 site in NOF12 can sometimes cause problems - even to the point
>> of complete Windows(XP) system lock-ups....(pull the mains to re-start
>> the computer)
>> Based on the fact that Netobjects are unlikely to devote any effort to
>> supporting / fixing V11, and they might work on fixing bugs in NOF12
>> (there's already talk of a new patch release), switching seems to make
>> sense.
>> Shame about their euro-ripoff pricing though - NOF here in Ireland
>> costs
>> 30% more than buying it in the USA....
>> ...still waiting on an explanation from NOF about that....
>> Even further off-topic!<g>
>> Adrian
>> On 16/01/2011 16:12, Ian wrote:
>>> I've been round this product since about V2 and each successor has
>>> always had very good reasons to purchase and I've always been one of

>> the
>>> "first on the block trendies" to get it. This is the first time since
>>> the mid nineties that I've held back.
>>> Has anyone done anything with the mobile templates yet? I'm curious

>> to
>>> know if, say, an iPhone will be automatically detected or if we would
>>> have to run two sites with a gateway page for people to choose

>> between
>>> the two different versions of the site.
>>> Maybe I should have started a new thread. This one is getting a bit

>> long.
>>> On 01/16/2011 16:00, dove-7 wrote:
>>>> Ian wrote:
>>>>> Hey! Charles, Thank God for Ezround and IFrames. Create a site that
>>>>> looks like a gouchie Flash site but is still in HTML (and other

>> stuff).
>>>>> Bit smoke and mirrors but the end user only sees what they see (or

>> want
>>>>> to see).
>>>>> I think I'll still be waiting a little longer to see what the main
>>>>> improvements are. Apart from the mobile templates and the speed.

>> Bit
>>>>> out
>>>>> of character for me. Normally there in the first few days. Would

>> have
>>>>> been good to see an improved ecommerce module. We've only had that

>> one
>>>>> since nineteen hundred and frozen to death.
>>>>> We shall see.
>>>>> On 01/10/2011 22:46, Charles Edmonds wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, 10 Jan 2011 18:01:37 +0000, Ian wrote:
>>>>>>> Seem to remember (when I was at that particular sharp end) there

>> was
>>>>> an
>>>>>>> expression we used that was called "Destruction Testing"
>>>>>>> Is that not now commercially viable? Maybe it takes too much time
>>>>> and
>>>>>>> too much work to correct the bugs? Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy

>> Christmas!!??
>>>>>> Actually there was a lot of time spent testing NOF (internally as
>>>>> well as
>>>>>> from the beta group).
>>>>>> But it is pretty hard to account for all possible scenarios and

>> test
>>>>> for
>>>>>> every possible occurrence. So most companies test with Virtual
>>>>> Machines
>>>>>> and different OS's (so they can see how the installer and program
>>>>> works in
>>>>>> different environments) and then test FTP type operations against
>>>>> whatever
>>>>>> they have available.
>>>>>> Beta testers often expand the scope of testing due to the hardware
>>>>> and
>>>>>> servers they have.
>>>>>> But especially on things like FTP, it is a wide open field out

>> there
>>>>> and
>>>>>> any given ISP can have a set of settings that can cause things to

>> go
>>>>> badly.
>>>>>> Plus the myriad of firewall software on PC's can cause weird

>> problems
>>>>> at an
>>>>>> exponential rate.
>>>>>> So in a case like that, all you can really do is wait for a bug
>>>>> report, see
>>>>>> if you can reproduce it and if necessary try to work with the ISP

>> or
>>>>>> firewall software vendor to see what the workaround or fix is.
>>>>>>> Just be thankful for the Beta testers who, I'm sure when time
>>>>> allows,
>>>>>>> catch a lot of the problems before we see them. At least it's

>> better
>>>>>>> than Bill G who seems, at times, to think his "Beta Testers" are

>> the
>>>>>>> first 10% or 20% of the people who buy the new product.
>>>>>> LOL - so true.
>>>>>> The beta teams DO catch a lot (most I'd say) of the problems.
>>>>>> As for Gates, his motto has always been:
>>>>>> "The end user can be very useful in the beta testing process..."
>>>>>>> Maybe I'm just synical.
>>>>>> Who you?
>>>>>> :-)
>>>>>> Charles
>>>>> --
>>>>> Ian
>>>> I'd also wait for the reviews from the geek tech. magazines. They'll
>>>> give you a candid non bias review on this software. There are a lot

>> f
>>>> issues that I've been reading from NOF 11 users and from the

>> reviews.
>>>> NOF 12, I'm reading the some issues too and would like to get some

>> feed
>>>> back on this.

> Based on what I've been reading on NOF 12 so far, by observation tells
> me that this is just a tweaked NOF 11 with certain bug fixes and a few
> thrown in bells and whistles that aren't really anything thing major. So
> to a degree you're paying for a bug fixes. Some still exist, but they're
> jumping on correcting this. It'd be nice to see some bug fixes in
> version 11 too.