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Thread: Compatibility with Fusion 11

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    Question Compatibility with Fusion 11

    How compatible is 12 with sites done entirely in 11? Can I open an 11 site in 12 to carry on with it as I would do it in 11?

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    You can migrate forward from any version. You cannot migrate back though.

    If you use the export/import method you should not run into difficulties moving site projects. You can open older sites in newer versions but you should make a copy of the entire user sites folder in the new version folder structure NOT open a site in its original (older version) location. Use the template method first and only copy and open a project file directly if the template method fails (98% of the time you can successfully migrate using a template... there are exceptions but it is not common).

    Links to tutorials on how to export/import are below

    Export tutorial:

    Import tutorial:
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    If you're interested I saved a v11 site (260 pages) as a template this morning and have opened it in v12. The only thing that has happened is the Navigation bar has changed from primary to secondary buttons.

    I'm not that bothered changing them as the speed the site is working is a major plus. So far not experienced any lag when changing pages whereas in V11 sometime it was running into 30seconds +.

    Also noticed in v12 the graphics are displayed better.

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