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Thread: nod file corrupt, programm crashes

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    Default nod file corrupt, programm crashes

    Hi. My nod file is probably corrupt. I get an errormessage after trying to save the site that says "an unexpected error has occurred..." The nod file will open after restarting the app but it then is grown from 34 Mb to 2 Gb! After trying to save the same error pops up again. I've tried replacing the nodfile with the backup nod and the recovery nod, but the problem resists. It drives me nuts! Can anybody help?

    Michel Pouli

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    You may want to try and export the site to template then import it under a different name.. These 2 tutorials will go over export/import

    It sounds like you have copy/pasted from MS word or some other software that has brought in rogue formating. Try the export/import first and if it fails you can go over how to locate any and remove rogue formating by following this tutorial.
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