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    I have the following problem with the form handler:
    I set up the form and publish the site successfully and the site with the form opens up ok.

    If I open the site in Firefox (Version 3.6.13), I'm unable to edit the form fields. But if I press the "send" button an Email opens with a subject and the form data (field names etc.)
    If I open the site in Internet Explorer 8, I can write into the form fields. But when I press the "send" button only an empty Email window with no subject and no data from the form.

    I'm kind of helpless after searching for a solution here and elsewhere and hope someone knows a solution.

    (Operating System of my computer is Windows 7)

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    You might want to take a look at this 3rd party form to email processing service (the basic service is free)

    You generate a form on their site, copy the code block and insert it into Fusion using this method:
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