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Thread: Moving from Fusion 4 to Fusion 11

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    Default Moving from Fusion 4 to Fusion 11

    How do you add new site styles that you custom make to NOF11? I can't figure this out. I am trying to migrate a NOF4 site to NOF11 and it won't take my custom style.

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    This is a very big step.
    To move a NOF 4 site to NOF 11.
    We always recommend in our forum to use a NOF7 version in between.
    Works fine usually.

    Make a template of your site in NOF4.
    This will be a .nft file.
    Install NOF Essentials, this is NOF 7,5.
    Import the site as New Site > from template and look for your .nft file.

    Once you have imported the project into NOF 7,5 create another template of your project, this time it will be a .zip file.

    Open NOF 11 and create again a new Site > from template.
    Search for your .zip, name the thing and click ok, that's it.

    P.S. By the way, can anybody move this into the correct board....?
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