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As to Fusion's stability. 99.9999% of the stability issues are user induced (improper insertion/pasting of external content into the GUI). The product itself is and has been a stable product. It is the user that induces stability issues through "pilot error".
Not so sure about your statistics there Mike.
I had a succession of four hard-lock-ups on this WinXP box using NOF12 to edit a site imported from NOF11.
Fair enough (I suppose) - given the warnings about importing existing sites.

But, just now - I opened a site that I'd previously generated in NOF12 -
(make new site from template in NOF12, open up the 'smartphone' template, save as smartphone-test.nod)

That was a couple of days ago.
Somebody else was asking what the smartphone template included - so I opened my previously-created test site
in NOF12, tried to publish it locally, and it locked up the whole computer.... had to drop the mains off to get out of it.

Now (of course) I can't reproduce the problem <g>

I don't think I've ever seen a program before, that can completely lock up an entire WinXP machine .....
or rather - before NOF12, that is.....

It's worrying