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Thread: Page design do not match page preview

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    Default Page design do not match page preview


    when I'm working on the site using "page design" i put for example an object in the center of the background image but when I move to "page preview" or "site preview" the object is not in the center of the background. What I'm trying to understand is how can I make sure that what I see in "page design" is the same that I see in "page preview"?

    Thank you

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    Are you clicking on the "Preview" icon in the toolbar?

    Do you have the same issue if you do a local publish of the single page?
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    It may have to do with the width you see when you are working in design view and the width you see when you view the actual page. The background is going to be different widths on different resolution screens. When you are in design view, you don't see the entire screen width as you'd see it in your browser. There are margin markers on the left and various panels on the right (unless you've moved them). So it may be that the difference has to do with having a limited page width while working in design view, but having a different page width when viewing in the browser.

    I've added a couple of attachments. The one on the left shows the site in preview mode, so the graphic is centered within the layout area, but the background extends to the right. The one on the right shows design mode. The graphic is centered within the layout area, but the window is narrower than the preview window.

    Is this what is happening to you, or do you mean something else?
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    Thank you for your answers!
    Yes, i have the same problem when i publish the page. Now i dragged the gray ruler markers to make them coincide to the background image and it seems to work. So how do the margin markers work? Do they have to coincide with the background image?

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    Different people will be using computers with different resolution screens to view your site, so no matter how careful you are, you're not going to get your content centered on the page for most people.

    You can center the layout in the browser using forum member gotFusion's tutorial:

    You should be aware that anything in the left masterborder will still be at the left side of the browser window, but the layout will be centered. IOW, there will be a larger gap between what you put in the Layout area and any buttons in the left masterborder in Preview than in Design. However, the content will be centered.

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