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Thread: Publish problems and dumb ?

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    Default Publish problems and dumb ?

    Ok so I'm new to creating a site, somehow managed to get this far probably because of NOF.

    I had finished v1 of my new site used publish site to upload it. Seemed to work ok accept wouldnt seem to ever finish based on status but when I would look at site everything their. If I made a change to that page I would only publish site that page assets only is this correct. Yesterday I found that some of my picture pages the viewing screen had changed to thumbnail, figured out I needed to go up one page to where all the pics where loaded, noticed that the software had changed them back to full size? selected configure, delete first pic, add it back and apply all to that and select done. It changed all those pic back to thumbnail and fixed the problem on lower page back to full size viewing hope this makes since. So I would publish site, page, assets only. Seemed to be working, started fixing each page problem saved the site and started uploading asset changes as necessary. Well this morning looked at site it was missing pics just ? Where pics are supposed to be WTF.

    So here is stupid question?

    I don't understand the difference between publish, publish site, and do I just publish assets if I make a change to just one page? What are the steps I need to take in order to publish correctly?

    thanks so much, my site is a mess now, help please.


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    If your site turns out to be a mess you need to clean up work files/folders and do a full local site publish to see if a full clean publish sorts everything out. See this page for details:

    You have 2 primary publish options: Local and Remote. Local is on your computer. Remote is on the web server. ALWAYS remote publish and test before making anything live to avoid having to go into emergency "gotta fix it" mode.

    When you make major changes such as to the site navigation or the underlying style (any change that effects more than one page) you should always follow the steps in the tutorial link above to avoid "rogue/orphan pages" showing up.

    Before you start any major revisions and at the end of each successful work day you should export your site project database to template for safe keeping and to restart your project from a known/good point quickly and easily. Here are my export/import tutorials



    Follow these basic rules/suggestions and you will have far less grief in your web design life
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    Thanks so much Gotfusion. Will give it a try and keep my fingers crossed.

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