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Thread: Frequent Freezes/Crashes when pasting repetitive pictures into same table...

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    Default Frequent Freezes/Crashes when pasting repetitive pictures into same table...

    Trying to copy, then paste same picture into multiple different cells (12 to be exect), of a table results in NOF12 freezing and locking up. Tried this several times with the same result. Any ideas on this one?

    Options/Current Site:
    Site Generation - HTML 4.01 with tables
    Scripts: PHP
    Enable AJAX: (unchecked)

    Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium
    16GB Ram
    Avast Anti-Virus/Malware
    Comodo Firewall

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    Upon further review, it seems that I am now getting a pop up window saying "the required resource is not available", when some of these "freeze ups" occur. This happened when selecting a row in a table so that I could insert another row above/below (via a right mouse click). I find myself using the "Control - S" command quite frequently (to save my work), because of the constant program freezes I am experiencing.

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    Default Update...

    NOF continues to freeze up requiring the program to be shut down manually in task manager. Abandoning NOF12 and going back to NOF11 until all the bugs are worked out...really surprised that NOF12 was an official release when it is acting more like a BETA candidate.

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    I do not have the slightest idea how I can duplicate what you are doing.

    If you click on the picture tool you can only place one image at a time.
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    I tried very hard as well to reproduce this.
    Tried it with Edit, Copy, Paste.
    Tried it with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

    I filled an endless amount of cells in tables.... nothing happens.
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    After tinkering with several other programs (namely deleting Comodo Internet Security), NOF12 has become a lot more stable, and I can go for a much longer session without the program freezing up on me. Still have issues with the inputting text into the alt tags for pictures though. Text in some Alt Tags doesn't want to carry over in Preview or Publish modes for some reason...(it's there in the design mode, but not on mouse-over in Preview and Publish).

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    I have the same locking up issues happening as you do. I posted to the forum in early January and had several suggestions on how to "fix" the problem but so far no one single attempt to resolve has worked. Do you mind me asking what you are using for security if you deleted the program you were running? I am using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes on a 64 windows 7 machine.

    NOF12 locking up and freezing is killing me!

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    This sounds like the same problem I am having and it started with the e commerce. Much worse with the e commerce. It freezes and will provide two error report screens in my case. I have found however, that when the screen freezes in my case, and the tabs on my panels turn black, I hit the Alt-F4 key and it will close and save. I did switch from the Office 2007 theme to Native XP and it doesn't happen as much. I did send a support ticket in with this issue which orginally began with the e commerce.

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    The only freeze I experience is when I am in Page View then click the "Site" botton.
    Odd thing is that only the menus are froze. Instead of clicking further on the menus producing nothing, I instead click on an object on the page. The edit nodes come up and I now have the menus available again.

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