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    Default Gradient Colours

    Hi guys

    I would like to have some small rectangles on my website with fading colours/gradient.
    like the one in the attachement.

    Can this be done in NOF XII ?
    If I do a text box, it only allows me to put solid colour
    If I do a rectangle shape, it only allows me to put a solid colour

    Any ideas?

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    Morning Myna,
    You could not do that in NOF XII. You can create the gradient that you require as a .gif in an external graphics program and then either import it onto your pages or use the .gif as a background image for a text box , layout or cell.

    Good luck.
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    Depending on where and how you want to use this, the two techniques are:

    1. create an image the full size of the area where you want to use it, or
    2. create a narrow vertical slice of the image, and have it repeat horizontally to fill the background

    HTML5 allows for such things as gradients and rounded corners, but it will be a few years yet before enough browsers in common use support it to make it acceptable for general use.
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