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Thread: Layout Region Form Pushes Page down/apart

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    Question Layout Region Form Pushes Page down/apart

    Hi all

    Just created a form in a layout region, on top of another layout region on the page and something is pushing the page apart vertically. I am publishing in XHTML and used EzRound for the graphics which are pushing apart on the site:

    I've added a reCaptcha object to my contact form but surely that wouldn't be why it's pushing the page down? I've inserted the code for reCaptcha in a text object. No matter how much I make the page longer, the page still gets pushed longer. Any ideas? All the other pages are fine and look the way they should.

    It's not a bug...just an undocumented feature
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    Delete banner > preview
    Undo delete
    Delete Navigation bar > preview
    Undo delete
    Delete e-mail form > preview
    Undo delete

    .... make this until you find what is causing this behaviour.

    After you find out the reason:
    - try putting items on the page in a layout region by 2-3.. Put your left & right vertical bar, 'contact aff creations' banner and e-mail handler all in a layout region, for example. Or,
    - if you are also using a high number of layout regions, try expanding them so no space is left between them
    - publish using transparent gif as a spacer, or the opposite, publish without using it.

    One way or other one of those will work, there is no way none of them will work. You just have to find out which one.

    Depending on my experiences, this is a Layout region issue. Group one or more items on the page in a Layout Region until you get rid of the situation.
    Also, border images of 22x742 pixels like ezaff1RIGHT.jpg and ezaff1LEFT.jpg can also cause yo problems on the layout. You can use a background image like the one below (set it to center and to repeat vertically). Or, you can use a vertical layout region of 5 pixels, give it a yellow color and use it as a border. This is also a bad idea, but is better than using a 750 px vertical image as a border.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click on thumbnail above (It is not noticable easily)
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