If you'are using a Layout Region to put the AdSense code, and noticed that the size gets wider when you publish your website (especially when using a Layout Region within a Layout Region), there are two workarounds:

- Disable 'use transparent gif as a spacer'.
- Or, better, change the width of the Layout Region you put your adsense code a few pixels wider than the original size (i.e. for a 728x90 AdSense ad, make the size 733x90, etc.)

I noticed this issue in one of my websites. I have a 1255 px menu image on top of the page, then a 1255 px black Layout Region, which also has a Layout Region in it with the AdSense code. When I publish, I noticed that the width of the black layout region is 1259 px instead of 1255 px. NOF 11 didn't have this issue, but NOF XII has.