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Thread: Strange behaviour of master border handle

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    Default Strange behaviour of master border handle

    The master border handle on the left comes up at a different place then where it has to be (at approx. 930th pixel instead of 970th pixel on attached image -- which is where the handle should be, so the user can resize the master border by clicking on the handle and pulling it upwards or downwards) when a page in NOF XII is left on the bottom of the page on the previous state (See the arrow on the lower-right corner on the attached image).

    NOF 11 also had this issue. You made some changes at the bottom of your page by scrolling to the very bottom of your page. Performed changes, navigated to another page-- when you come to the same page, this situation occurs.

    The user have to click on the scrollbar and move it up and down once to get the master border handle on the left level with the master border, so he/she can resize the master border.
    Click image for larger version. 

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