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Thread: Animated Roll-Over Navi buttons

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    Default Animated Roll-Over Navi buttons

    Hiya there,

    I'd like to add animated roll-over buttons with sound, exactly similar to those found here...

    Does anyone have any advice how I might go about such a task, is NetOb11 capable of this sort of thing? Creating the animations and images is fairly easy to me, but I'm not sure how to implement into a Net Objects-created site effectively.

    I look forward to any advice or info.


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    That site is all Flash.

    They aren't simple rollovers.
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    You can create many things with NOF tools like nav bar, or including Java mouseover, or with the rollover component. Sounds? Should be possible, I haven't looked at that for ages..

    I must admit that I find that site horrible and I don't recommend you use sounds in a website.

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    Thanks guys... I agree that this is a bad idea now, having checked the example site out on my iPhone and it wouldn't load anything due to Flash incompatibilty. This would be a massive error for me to create a self-promoting website that people can't even open on their smart phone. i also agree largely about sound on websites, it's usually dreadful. Thanks for the tips again! :0)

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    Default Solution

    I am using SoundManager (the first version) and it works great. You can check it out at
    I haven't tested the second version yet, but it should be better.
    It uses Javascript to access the Flash sound component.


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    This can be done by using Actions in NOF. To see how it is done, there is a very good tutorial on the NOF website. Just navigate your way to the Product Documentation page. Click on the link for Version 9 - Online Users Guide. From here click on the Online Users Guide to expand the list. Find the heading Building Dynamic Pages / Creating A Button Rollover. If you also read some of the other tutorials I'm sure you can add an action to play your sound file at Mouse_Over.

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