Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to re-skin a 15 page Fusion 11 website with a new design / theme. I'm new to NetObjects Fusion (but have 10 years web dev experience) and I was hoping to get a couple of questions answered if I can please?

Basically I'm wanting to know if it's practical for a competent developer to reskin a Fusion site using a plain text editor. I'm quite happy with my existing development tools and (with all due respect) don't really want to buy this product just to work on one small job.

Iif I use a text editor to make these changes, can the original developers still use Fusion to continue making changes? Obviously I'll be sensitive to any special tags that Fusion has added into the code.

Does Fusion store the template in a single template file (like PHP includes) or is it more like Dreamweaver, where each page is self-contained?

At this stage I don't have FTP access so I can't check these things for myself, which is making it more difficult to quote on this job.

Thanks everyone. Any advice appreciated.