OK.. The latest one.. 'Page Properties' window on Site View disappears no matter what!!

I am working on this for 3 complete days, tried 300-500 different combinations including:
changing views between site, page views etc.
re-installation of program
trying with bundled java
tring with java 1.6
playing with xml files (copying basic.xml to lastused.xml -- setting lastused.xml to read only etc)
uninstalling previous version of NOF
using magnifier to find a thin line to pull the 'Page Properties' window from the right edge of the screen
and many, many others.

The problem appears after changing view from site to page view. I make 'Page Properties' window visible in site view, in both structure and outline view. Save the workspace, go to page view. When I return back:
- sometimes they are both gone right away
- sometimes 'Page Properties' window appears on whether structure or outline view, but not on both, after one more change between site and page views, it is also gone. None of the structure or outline views show 'Page Properties' window.

Strange behaviour:
I make 'Page Properties' window visible by hitting F3. When I hit F5 (refresh), it is gone!! The software doesn't really dock it.

So far, the only way to keep them (both in structure and outline view) is setting 'Page Properties' window to AUTO HIDE. This is the only solution to find it there when you return back from the Page View. Really annoying, and this took my 3 days, I didn't sleep until 9 a.m in the morning for last 3 days, still no solution.

I even checked registry:

'HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > NetObjects > Fusion > 12.0 > Window' shows:

h 886
w 1616
x 4294967288
y 4294967288

are these normal?

I don't know what is causing the problem.

OS: Vista Home Premium X64