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Thread: Fusion 12 - Site Upload Problems

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    Cool Fusion 12 - Site Upload Problems

    I have been a Fusion user since version 1 and to my understanding version 12 is better but the problem I am having is that when I upload the site, some pages, its contents and the graphic never get updated. I can see everything well in the design stage and the page looks fine but everytime upload things go missing.

    There is a work-around this. It is a pain but for the time being it works, until a patch is put out. If one of the pages do not get uploaded correctly and the design on the screen shows everything right, go to the page you have trouble with and click on the Preview Button on the top. After that, if you upload the site, everything uploads correctly.

    NetObjects, please look in to this problem and put a fix out on your next SP update.


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    What happens if you clear off all of the local work and results pages as outlined here:
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    Does not cure the problem. Also, switching from NOF 11 to 12 shows the same publishing problem for me. After sending a certain amount of files, NOF suddenly stops with an error message. Interestingly, always the same files are affected. No problem when uploading these files with FileZilla.

    I wanted to work around by publishing changed assets only. However, checking this option seems to have no influence on the published files - they are published again even when they have been successfully published before.

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