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Thread: Child page with 'zero margins' in site with margins?

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    Default Child page with 'zero margins' in site with margins?

    I need to use a zero margins page to retain a readable font size in a wide table, but want to retain the top and bottom margins for my banner and footer.
    I've tried editing the Master border to eliminate the side margins, but after removing all graphics and prose, and changing to a horizontal navigation strip the Master border remains intransigent; the left border won't go below 27px.
    I can create a satisfactory Zero margins page outside the site, but can't find a way to copy and paste the HTML from the single page into the site to replace the too-small page. I tried doing a local publish on the single page, to lift the complete HTML that way, but it doesn't want to publish.
    Is there a way round this impasse, or am I trying to 'push string'?

    Any advice gratefully received,

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