eric young <> typed:
> Twanyne,
> I was meaning from the generated code like
> ".nof_formsHandler_input_button"
> I just figured since I paid for it, it could just be
> generated the way I wanted it to look, without any
> association to the program that compiled it. A lot of free
> programs do this. It is part of their branding. Most pay
> for programs will just generate the code in the nicest
> smallest way. It isn't a big deal as I am abandoning my
> many years with NOF to do the actual coding myself by hand.
> That looks like the only way to assure that the code will
> look right and can easily be validated.
> Eric
> PS This is but one of the many reasons for this decision.
> I still think that NOF is a great program for people that
> do not know how to code.

I agree with you. I do all my form work in PHP but I'll often use NOF to
build the initial format since it works fairly well that far. NOF, when it
writes PHP code, writes it for version 4.0 which besides being pretty old
fashioned protection, creates a lot of needless code compared to 5.2 or
higher. Which also gets you out of a bunch of deprecation dangers of 4.