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Thread: NOF12 backups

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    Question NOF12 backups

    Yesterday I installed NOF12, and I've been moving over my websites. So far I like that it is a bit cleaner and faster, and I was really looking forward to a quick and easy way to back up the sites when I publish. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's going to be usable.

    I ran into the same problem that adrian5750 mentioned here. After playing around with it for a bit, I was able to successfully back up online and then restore from the back up using one of my smallest sites (2 pages) but it took about 2 minutes to save the settings, and another 2 minutes to close the backup manager, not to mention about the same time for both publishing the backup and reloading the site from the backup. It's great that it works, but if it took me that long to do it for that tiny site, then would my main site take 2 hours just to save the settings, if it worked at all? (I haven't been able to get anything other than NOF freezing when I've tried. It is 130+ pages.) Advice?

    On a side note, will NetObjects send out an email when they release AU1? (As mentioned here.) Most of the gifs I will fix by hand, but one of my sites has several hundreds of gifs that are showing incorrectly; I am stuck with NOF11 for that one.


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    I have perfect connection to my servers, and can publish as needed. However, when I try to set up Backups on the Current Site Options tab, I get an "unable to connect to Publish Manager" error message. Has the repository path changed from Ver 11? Backups worked just fine in 11.

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