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Thread: Recoved Site From Hosting Service?

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    Default Recoved Site From Hosting Service?

    I have a site running on my web hosting service but for some reason (don't know why) the original NOD file is no longer available on my system.

    Is there a way to recoveer the site from the host?



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    Not easily.

    Open windows explorer on your computer and type *.nod in the search box. This should bring back all of your project files in the results window.

    Locate your site project in the list and click on it to open windows with your project.

    Surf around your project to make sure that it is the current one

    THEN: follow this tutorial to export the project to template:

    Burn this to CD, mark the cd as the backup of your site project and put it in a safe place

    Should you ever need to reconstruct your site project after a catastrophic event (hard disk crash, DOA computer, hot fudge sundae on your MB, etc) You can re-create your entire site project from the exported template with a couple of mouse clicks like this:
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