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Hi Adrian,

I didn't make this statement out of the blue. It' s based on years of experience working in NOF support.

In your specific case it might have been different. Well, somebody should have had a closer look, maybe.
It would have been a good idea to pass a template to somebody, for a test.

The original reason for my post was that I don't like the fact that users turn up and talk the program down when they have problems to import their messed up projects. (this doesn't go against you.... )
This is why I mentioned my experience in support. Because it's a fact that in most cases the problem is sitting in front of the machine, sry.

I know NOF is not without faults and just like you, I' looking forward to the first update of NOF XII.

And I agree, if somebody's trying to copy Word into the project a virtual slap on the wrist would be a very good idea.
I recognize that may problems related to products are an alchemy of issues.
To outright blame the user or the product would not be fair.
That is why we have customer support. To help mitigate these issues.
I as well have had this product from the beginning, and have (pasttence) been a huge supporter of their products. Until around version 9. Just trying to get some one to answer a question with out a robo response. I cant imagine doing business with a company that you cant even find a phone number. In my business if your customers cant talk to you. You are not in business long. Especially customers who have been with them from the beginning.