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Thread: Page preview does not match site preview for tables in NOF 12

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    Default Page preview does not match site preview for tables in NOF 12

    Created a table via paste from Word using paste HTML. The resultant table looks fine on both the design and page preview tabs. However when published (or a site preview is produced for a browser check) each row has exra space before and after the line of text, making the whole table 3 times deeper than it should be. I cannot find any parameter that seems to control this extra spacing. NOF 11 worked perfectly. The site, which was imported from NOF11 still contains tables pasted under that regime but these now all exhibit the same expanded spacing.

    the site is at: . The tables in question are found via Members/Click here for the latest results.

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    I have had the same problems, but when I set the table to auto height and width and the rows and column in the table also to auto height and width, respectively, that seemed to resolve the problem. I did have to manually widen the table in one case, but I didn't have the extra space above or below. I don't know if this will work for you, or if it's even the proper way to deal with the problem.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. Ive tried setting the table width and height to auto, and also the row height everywhere to auto - I cant find any waay of setting the column width to auto (but I do have several merged cells which probably caused that!). Unfortunately, the display is no better. For experiment, I tried using the table wizard to create an empty 2x2 table with auto set on everything (table width and height, column width, and row height) and still get rows thre times as deep as they should be. Is there a bug here in the generation of table rows? I've tried examining the html source but can't yet work out what is goig wrong!

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    same problem with my tables created in NOF11, and new tables created with NOF 12. does any one have a solution yet? this is very bad problem for me.

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    Interesting, I got the same or a similar problem.
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