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Thread: Bug Report Forum??

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    Default Bug Report Forum??

    Is this the best place to report bugs in NOF12 or should there be a sperate forum or even bug tracker system.

    I like using NOF and would like to see it improve. It would help having a way to report bugs, so users can see if its been reported already, provide additional info and save submitting duplicate reports. NOF can provide any work rounds that are available and an eta on when it will be fixed.


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    Hi Rob.

    I know what you mean. The forum is an excellent place for getting solutions, hints and tips however a 'Known Problems (bugs)' section complete with comments and status would be very helpful. Not exactly rocket science as many applications have such a thing.

    It is also a nice way of having the developers acknowledge that the problem exists. Often there is no such acknowledgment ... a la Microsoft.

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